Brooklyn Bridge, New York

After getting back from our trip to Hoboken, New Jersey-where we took a long detour-my father and sister were tired so they took a nap. My friend from college lives in Pennsylvania and came up to New York this day to hang out with us! So we really wanted to go to the Brooklyn Bridge, which was originally on my itinerary, so my friend Debbie and I convinced my dad to go with us! My sleepy sister stayed in the hotel and watched Netlix-Gossip Girl I think, the irony.


I couldn’t contain my excitement as we took the subway to the area where the bridge begins. I had always seen the Brooklyn Bridge in movies and music videos and couldn’t wait to see it in person! I remember I wanted to walk across the bridge with the song “No Faith in Brooklyn” by Hoodie Allen playing in the background. We got to the start of the bridge, Debbie started the song on her phone, and we began trekking across the bridge. Even though I live near San Francisco, I have never crossed the entire bridge, so my mission was to cross the entire Brooklyn Bridge!

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While it was gloomy, the scenery along the way was gorgeous. I really enjoy photography and love architecture photographs. The different lines and and textures made for great photographs. We saw many other tourists along the way taking advantage of the same photo ops.


The walk was enjoyable, although hectic. There were tourists, bikers, and strollers dashing, rolling, and wandering across the bridge. There were so many different people going at different paces and infrequent stops for capturing pictures. It was challenging to get a great photograph on the bridge but we got some great shots!

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It was so rewarding crossing the end of the other side of the bridge into Brooklyn! We hung out and explored there too. Crossed another thing off my bucket list crossing that bridge! It was breathtaking and rewarding.


Until next time New York!!