San Diego, California – Ice Rinks

It’s so close to winter break I can already feel the holiday spirit. I’ve been blasting the Christmas music and anxiously studying to improve my grades at the tail end of the semester. What better way to relieve a little stress and get into the holiday spirit than to go ice skating? And who better to ice skate with than your sorority sisters?! We had our sisterhood retreat at the Kroc Center Ice Arena yesterday and it was a blast! I just got a little Sony sports camera-similiar to the gopro-and took it out on the ice yesterday! I loved using my sister’s gopro this summer and am so happy to have one of my own now! Also I’m so thankful for my Camp Director Nick during YMCA sports camp 2 summers ago-when I got put on ice skating camp for 4 weeks and couldn’t ice skate!-Nick forced me to go out on the ice and learn to skate so now I can! Hurray!