Del Mar Race Tracks, California

Before school started up at San Diego State University last August, a few friends of mine and I went to a horse race at the Del Mar Race Tracks! I was so excited because it was my very first horse race. Unfortunately, I did not have a floppy hat to bring, but I did have a sundress and wedges!

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The Del Mar Race Track is beautiful with gorgeous architecture, manicured lawns and bright flowers dotted across the property. After grabbing a hot dog from the stands for lunch, my friend Nicole and I wanted to go bet on some horses! It was thrilling placing my first bets and trying gambling for the first time! However, my father-who plays the penny slots in Reno-taught me well and to play with small amounts! I bet a total of $4, $2 bets on 2 races-the least amount you could do. Both the horses I bet on came in first place!!! I’m just lucky I guess! I over tripled my money raking in $12 and a few cents! It was a fun and beautiful day at the Del Mar Race Track and I definitely recommend it to any who are in the San Diego area!

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