Capitola, California

With my sophomore year coming to a close and studying for my impending finals, summer has been on my-and everyone else’s-mind. A favorite spot of mine to visit over summer is Capitola. It only takes a scenic drive across the Santa Cruz mountains to arrive in this quaint beach town.      Image

Even though Northern California beaches are notorious for being rather cold, each time I visited Capitola last summer the weather was beautiful. Sunshine and clear skies! Growing up, my family would frequent Capitola so I have many memories there. I especially love the vibrant houses that align the beach front. The different colors and textures are great for photography! Luckily I was visiting with my best friends who love to participate in photo shoots so I got some great shots!

Image                Image

Along with picturesque sights and amazing photo opportunities, Capitola offers a variety of restaurants and shopping. One of my favorite restaurants there is Paradise Beach Grille. I typically order the salmon-one of my favorite foods-with a side of rice and it is always delicious! There is no better experience than eating fresh sea food in a restaurant with an ocean view with a fresh salty breeze.

The beach itself is typically never crowded and the locals are welcoming. It’s a perfectly idyllic spot to throw out a towel, prop up an umbrella, and relax. Another great attraction is the Capitola Wharf. Many people congregate at the end of the wharf to fish. Shops and restaurants also dot the wharf. One of my favorites being Dolphin Restaurant which has scrumptious clam chowder-bread bowl recommended!


Although my two friends featured above-Julia and Sabina-will be studying abroad in Australia this summer-which I’m sure will be amazing, I hope I will visit Capitola soon once I travel home for summer break!